Premature nurseries



Infant Incubator AM3000





  •  Two sensors: (incubator sensor + skin sensor)
  •  Well served: 6 windows, 2 drawers, solution \ fluid rack moving bed, strong 4 inch–diameter wheels with brakes.
  •  Set temperature: up to 39º degree


  • High temperature (u to 1.5C)
  • Sensor failure
  • Low temperature (below 2.5C) – Power failure
  • Over air temperature – System failure
  • Air flow – Heater failure



Infant Incubator TRBI-100


  • Mini PC Air temperature control range. –
  • 25°-37° Skin temperature control range 34° – 37° –
  • Set the temperature and the temperature of the child’s temperature separately. –
  • Normal air humidity
  • The bed inclination is adjustable


Infant Incubator – YP-100C.





  • Intensive Phototherapy Unit for Newborn Children.
  • The machine has 16 bulbs-
  • -Available for LED bulbs and bulbs for ordinary (flips)
  • -The Bilispere contains a timer to determine the duration of the therapeutic session
  • -Also there are two counters to count the number of hours of operation of lamps
  • -It has a heat sensor to feel the temperature around the child
  • -Screen to display the temperature
  • -The device is contain a cooling unit for lamps and a circuit chamber




  • An electronic counter to read the number of hours
  • LED Bulbs
  • The lamps are very efficient-
  • The lamp life is 30000 hours


Infant warmer


  • Two heater and you can turn one of them on or both of them at the same time
  • Two shelf
  • Temperature sensor
  • Temperature display
  • Three drawers
  • lamp for lighting
  • Four side
  • Hand for bed tilting
  • Four wheels two of them with brakes


Biomed Blender

Air/Oxygen Blenders

Bio-Med Devices’ full range of blenders makes it easy for you to select the one that’s perfect for your setting and requirements. Each of Bio-Med Devices’ blenders delivers unsurpassed accuracy .dependability and economy in a convenient lightweight package

A Blender for Every Purpose A Choice of Configurations

Bio-Med Devices offers low-, mid- and high-flow air/oxygen blenders in many different configurations. You’re certain to find the blender that’s right for you, whether it’s for the NICU, MRI suite, transport operations or ICU. We can even configure our air/oxygen blenders to OEM specifications and provide private labels.

A Range of Fittings, Ports and Flow meters

Bio-Med Devices blenders come standard with air and oxygen DISS input fittings, but air and oxygen NIST fittings are also available. Depending on the part number, one, two or three output ports are provided. Standard fittings for these ports are oxygen DISS, but 1/8 NPT or push-connect style fittings for tubing are also available. We also offer several models with flow meters permanently mounted, creating a versatile, compact package. Flow meters are currently available in 1, 3.5, 15 and 70 Lpm.


Oxygen Concentration Range

21 – 100%

Number of Output Ports

1 to 3 depending on configuration


±3% full scale


3.6W x 5.4H x 4.6D in (9.2 x 13.7 x 11.7 cm) 2


3.2 lbs. (1.45 kg) 2